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SubmitYourThai.com - Gib - Gib GF Cheat Fuck

Mick H: Hey asshole, Gib is my girlfriend and I don't want her photos on the internet. I don't know how or when you were able to film her since I was her first customer and have been taking care of her for 6 months.
Story published 5-12-2014, 20:48, viewed 1644 times and 0 comments left.
SubmitYourThai.com - Mint - Skinny Creampie

Thai girl Mint's name is fitting, since her titties are no bigger than little mints. But what she lacks in the chest department, she MORE than makes up for in sexual skill. She's a little shy about the camera to start, but once a cock is in her face, she's primed and ready to go!Format: Windows Media
Story published 5-12-2014, 20:28, viewed 3205 times and 0 comments left.
SubmitYourThai.com - Apple - Creampie

You ever had Hershey's chocolate kisses? Well 25 year old Apple has Hershey's chocolate nipples. That's right...they're big nippled, dark chocolate candy treats. I was like Willy Wonka sucking on her coco cans before sinking my Willy Donga inside her milky way and treating her sweet vagina with my personal recipe....white creamy sperm! How do you like them candy apples?
Story published 5-12-2014, 20:27, viewed 1708 times and 0 comments left.
ThaiGirlsWild.com - Namthip

This Asian teen girl's first time getting fucked by a foreign dick! This cute little Thai teen has a fantastic body and knows how to use her tiny pussy to make men cum with the quickness. She needs to have her juicy pussy fucked by a meaty cock and i was right there to accommodate her sexual needs. This girl is a gorgeous young lady with the sexiest smile, perfect tits and amazing cunt. Enjoy the perfection of her youthful naked Asian body.
Story published 4-12-2014, 16:45, viewed 1827 times and 0 comments left.
CreampieThais.com - Noo

Finding pussy in Thailand isn't all about dirty whores. There's actually normal girls with regular jobs who are eager to have their slits fucked by courageous foreigners. I was needing to exchange some currency when I ventured into the Bank of Creampies this morning. The teller was named Noo and she was quite attractive with just a hint of Scarlett Johansson to give me a boner. Noo was all smiles as she assisted me with my transaction when I suddenly had the urge to ask her to go to lunch with me. Being Thai and shy, she looked around and after a few moments of thoughts said "yes". That afternoon I met Noo for lunch at a nearby Au Bon Pain and we got to know each other. Noo was single, had been working at this branch for 4 months, and was hungry for cock. So on my 2nd day of courting her at lunch, I suggested we go back to my place and get busy. I knew I could photo and film-fuck this banker in under 45 minutes and have her back at her counter in no time. But would she be willing to make a sex video was the biggest question on my mind. Well, I don't know how I got so lucky, but shortly after arriving at my room, Noo was completely naked and on all fours sucking my cock. She was incredibly slow and sensual and when I laid back, she mounted me and slid my condom-less cock right into her wet pussy. She rode me long and hard, both front and reverse. I finally positioned her doggie style and began fucking her once more. Her ass was soft and her pussy was just begging for cum. I couldn't hold out for another position so I just kept fucking her until my balls exploded white cum deep inside Noo's fertile pussy. I can't believe I just came inside a Thai bank teller and I got it all on video. That's one deposit that should see a return on investment in about 9 months!
Story published 4-12-2014, 16:27, viewed 3151 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Jem Anal

Super fit small tittied Jem knocked on my door, begged me to fuck her, specifically in her ass, and asked me to ejaculate in her mouth, all while chained up on the coffee table. Then she left, wearing the same skin tight leggings, no doubt ready to knock on some other door. That is what she does, she drifts through apartment blocks and hotels, from door to door plying her orifices and receiving sperm. She never sees daylight. Just bedrooms, corridors and elevators. Never sleeps. Merely lives in a haze of sexual stimulation, oral and anal. She has to receive sperm in all three holes if she is likely to return to the same room. Jem sees life in terms of rooms, and cannot remember the face of even a single guy who has fucked her. She does not care about the face, she is interested in the penis and its effect upon her. She probably holds the world record for random DNA ingested and implanted. Her rectum, bowels and small intestine contain gallons of sperm, constantly refreshed with new genetic code. Refreshed, that is how Jem feels from anal sex. Ass fucking in hotel rooms. Life, heaven and sperm. If you have not fucked Jem, you are one of the few. Slide your cock up any one of her holes, and you will know she is just for you. For you and no one else. At least till she leaves. Jem's small, firm, hairless and light skinned buttocks open and close as often as apartment doors. Lick the video.
Story published 4-12-2014, 12:05, viewed 3806 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Ngai Ngai Anal

One of them high energy drinks had free prizes given away, if you got the right lid. So I bought a bottle, swallowed the sweet liquid and looked under the lid. I texted off the code, and do you fucking believe it? I won. Immediately, my doorbell rang and my prize had arrived. Don't know how they knew where I fucking lived. Anyway, there at the door was anal slave girl Ngai Ngai. Stupid fucking name too, can't pronounce it. And I do know what to do with botty bugger slave girl. I fucked her stupidly up her sphincter gripping poopy tube. Tried using the energy drink as a lubricant, but I don't think she needed it, she was quite obviously well trained in the use of her rectum. So I chained her to the wardrobe and ejaculated on her face when there was another ring on the doorbell. Some other fucker said he had won the prize too, and left with Ngai Ngai. Good thing I made the video.
Story published 2-12-2014, 19:46, viewed 1886 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Dum[/url]

Another sex crazed alien from outer space. She has got to be an alien, human girls don't need sex that much. Bloody hell, her eyes spun around and steam came out her ears. Dum needed sex, she really fucking needed it. Do what you want with the video, just make sure you come inside of her.
Story published 2-12-2014, 19:44, viewed 2103 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Kanom Anal

Kanom masturbates by shoving the big silver vibrator up her ass hole. It is just not enough, she wants cock up her rectum. She gets it. With her perfect brown figure, she merely needs to be used. Not that she has had her brain removed, she is a natural fuck bitch. She needs more. Sex. Ass hole sex. Anal and oral. She don't care what you look like, or if you are married or any krap like that. She don't care if you are young and handsome or an old fat smelly pig. Just so long as you shove your penis up her sphincter. You don't have to love her, you don't have to like her – though you will all right – all you have to do is enjoy fucking her. Whichever hole you want. You have got to, if you don't she will have to get the vibrator out and cry for you while changing the batteries. Warm brown skin, soft perky breasts, long slender limbs, a pleasantly protruding pubic mound with a clearly defined vagina, gaping little round buttocks exposing a round open ring piece, are you going to take your eyes off her sweet face? This video has been deep up her ass hole.
Story published 2-12-2014, 19:38, viewed 8193 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Roong Anal

Meanwhile, back in the science lab, the genetic engineers ordered in a takeaway lunch of intestines soup and deep fried mosquitoes, which was duly delivered by Roong, a pleasant natured pretty little thing. The engineers looked at her and knew what to do. A few injections and a quick operation, two thirds of her brain was removed, and replaced with hormone secreting glands that were grown from stem cells retrieved from her own anus. They were so pleased with their work, they signed her right breast with their signature star logo. And so Roong was an instant zombie anal fuck toy. What they did not realize was that she was a complete bum fuck loving fuck toy already. I had just made this video with her the night before. A real pleasant natured pretty little, big titty, three hole loving thing. And she had a nice smile too. So the stem cells that the engineers retrieved from her anus, they might not be hers, they were probably the remains of my semen that I ejaculated up her rectum a few good hours before. Yeah, those stem cells in her brain come from me. No wonder she is a zombie. Be careful what you order for lunch, sit back and enjoy the video.
Story published 2-12-2014, 19:32, viewed 2284 times and 0 comments left.
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