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AsianStreetMeat.com - Sompit

Bright Lights, Big City - I know, during the day, it seems drab and ugly, but at night the city is beautiful. I love living among the bright lights. I am young and beautiful, and I can do everything. I look out over the city from a high balcony and I enjoy life. I am quite happy to have sex there on the balcony. I can do it anywhere. I do not mind if anyone sees, I quite like it really. I know I am a sexy young babe. I like my figure, I know I look good. I know I especially look good, when I am naked, when a guy is having sex with me. I can do whatever you want, where ever you want. I do not know why you want to have sex on the staircase, but why not. No one saw me there, because everyone takes the lift. You could have had sex with me in the lift. You took me to your apartment, locked me up and gave me a piece of plastic to play with. And I did play with the plastic, and I did enjoy it. With you watching. With the drapes closed. But really the best was being on the balcony. Watching the world, and the world watching me. Because I am small and glorious, and I shine in the middle of the night, high in definition on video.
Story published 25-06-2015, 15:55, viewed 4827 times and 0 comments left.
CreampieThais.com - Kung

Story published 23-06-2015, 19:19, viewed 2123 times and 0 comments left.
CreampieThais.com - Panida

Story published 22-06-2015, 17:51, viewed 2189 times and 0 comments left.
CreampieThais.com - Ayu

Story published 21-06-2015, 18:04, viewed 2527 times and 0 comments left.
CreampieThais.com - Fon

Story published 20-06-2015, 18:13, viewed 2652 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Sailor - Sailor Anal Stocks
Story published 19-06-2015, 16:39, viewed 5010 times and 0 comments left.
CreampieThais.com - Vios

So it's like 6am in the morning and I get a message from a previous model who says she's got a girl for me. Now I'm like, fuck this I'm tired and going back to bed. But it's so very hard to sleep knowing there's a creampie princess waiting to be hand delivered and your brain just can't stop wondering how she will look. Sure she might be a dog, but it would still be bareback! Anyway, I replied to send me a photo and what messaged back was a definite stunner. So I said, let's do this and within 30 minutes I was greeted by a cute, blonde haired Thai teen...with braces! Umm, YEAH! Let me grab my camera real quick. Aaaaaaaand ACTION! 19 year old Vios entered my room like a shiny new Toyota straight off the sales lot. I was so eager to hop inside her clean interior and take her for a spin. I never drove a Vios before, but with her compact size and tan paint job, I can definitely see myself making this purchase. Vios came equipped with full options and she was eco friendly. She only took E20 Jizz in her young engine. And like a good boy, I made sure to pump her tank full of my ethanol.
Story published 15-06-2015, 17:43, viewed 3080 times and 0 comments left.
MyCuteAsia (Autor: admin)
MyCuteAsia.com - Lucy Levon - I like to give blowjobs to my naughty lover

Story published 14-06-2015, 18:47, viewed 3596 times and 0 comments left.
ThaiGirlsWild.com - Kitti

Story published 13-06-2015, 16:26, viewed 3951 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Manee Anal

Story published 12-06-2015, 16:16, viewed 4759 times and 0 comments left.
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