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TukTukPatrol.com - Som - She’s Some Kind Of SEXY!
Story published 28-02-2015, 20:23, viewed 4885 times and 0 comments left.
TukTukPatrol.com - Kai Nee - Stood up and plucked for a nice Thai fuck!
Story published 28-02-2015, 19:34, viewed 5027 times and 0 comments left.
TukTukPatrol.com - Ice - A Thai beauty’s anal connection
Story published 28-02-2015, 16:59, viewed 5764 times and 0 comments left.
TukTukPatrol.com - Yok - Delicious Thai slut knocks on wood
Story published 28-02-2015, 16:53, viewed 4575 times and 0 comments left.
AsianSuckDolls.com - Tak

This week’s Asian Suck Dolls model features 20 year old whore Tak from Pattaya. Big ass Asians! There seems to be more and more of them roaming the bars in Thailand now that the economy is showing signs of financial progress. As you know I like my girls small and petite like Tussinee.com and Thainee.com, however, you all know I'll fuck anything with a vagina. So, on occasion I can go for a juicy booty like 20 yr old Tak. Her plump rump and butterfly pussy were begging to get drilled doggie style. Seriously this girl’s onion booty brought tears to my eyes. But her true genius is when she straddled me and began bouncing her big ass up and down my cock. I so badly wanted to cum deep in her shaved pussy but remembered that she said she would swallow my load so I stood up and doused her mouth with my salty sperm and she gobbled it down!
Story published 28-02-2015, 16:34, viewed 3679 times and 0 comments left.
AsianSuckDolls.com - Aon

The minute I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to get it on with Aon. 19 year old Aon was wandering the Bangkok streets late one night when she offered her services to me. With a cute face and a rock'n body, I couldn't resist. Oh and she mentioned not only did she love sucking cock, but she also was okay with a facial. Sold! So I brought Thai Teen Aon back to my room and immediately had her remove her clothes and show off her sweet teen body. Holy crap what a package on this Thai Tart. Nice and perky Thai titties on Nympho babe Aon one and a spectacular ass that perked up just right while she was sucking my cock. I so badly wanted to plunge deep into her vaggg-gine that I almost shot my load then. Thankfully I was able to hold off from cumming long enough to fuck Aon in several ways before finally dumping my jizz all over her mouth and face.
Story published 28-02-2015, 16:23, viewed 3581 times and 0 comments left.
AsianSuckDolls.com - Wanne

Every man dreams of having a submissive teenager service your cock on demand. Meet 19 year old Wanne! She's the perfect pocket wife. A petite Thai wife you simply keep in your pocket. When you're hungry, you pull her out. When you want your shirt cleaned, you pull her out. When you want to blow your load, you pull her out. So upon the thrill of sliding my cock between her soft wet lips, I accidentally positioned the video camera wrong on it's mount and it crashed to the floor. So here I am rock hard, standing over my damaged equipment. So, what would any good producer do? I wiped away my tears, placed the camera back into position, and stuck my still hard cock back into the Thai girl's tight pussy. I didn't realize until after that the focus feature was broken, but I still felt that the scene was worth keeping. I'll be sure to bring her back and unleash another load of cum across her face.....In Focus!
Story published 27-02-2015, 18:21, viewed 3462 times and 0 comments left.
AsianSuckDolls.com - Bea

There must be a pornographic film school somewhere in Thailand. First Beer, then Kip and now Bea. I'm starting to come across more and more girls who seem to have a natural pornstar talent that would make any professional adult actress envious. I mean seriously, these Thai nymphs must be watching skin flicks and learning the craft of sucking and fucking while a mechanical lens captures every detail. 22 year old Bea definitely is a video vixen. She is the type of girl I love to shoot because my only job is to hold the camera steady while she gives me the ultimate sexual performance. She fucked my brains out, then knelt in front of me and waited for me to blast all my cum into her mouth. She then looked directly into the camera, dribbled my oral creampie out over her pornstar lips and down her chin....and that's a wrap!
Story published 27-02-2015, 18:09, viewed 4164 times and 0 comments left.
AsianSuckDolls.com - Kip

My darling Kip is back again for another facial. I just can't pass up a chance to bounce her buns against my groin and flower her face with my salty sperm. She has a quiet and simple personality that it's a pleasure to take photos of her. Her body is so hot that I will start getting wood as I peer through my view finder. And that face! .... Oh My Buddha, I would marry that pretty face with those eyes ......(time out for drooling) So back to my trouser tent and the ache in my balls. The photos were now finished and it was time to get sucked on by the prettiest teen mouth in Asia. My testes are raging with jizz as she tickles them with her tongue. So I motion her over to the sofa and she sticks out her most perfect ass. Her arch is precise and the shape of her bum is flawless. It should be in a museum. I can't believe I'm fucking this girl again! Then she turns around and I splatter that stunning face with my creamy load.
Story published 26-02-2015, 15:43, viewed 4670 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Melba

Fuck a girl with the perfect figure. Better than your fat ugly wife. You can fuck Melba and not even tell your wife. Don't tell her that her sweet cunt that nestles between her slim legs don't even smell bad. A girl like Melba should be rich. Any guy would buy her a house and a new car, but she sells herself like a cheap whore for only two good reasons. Firstly, she likes it. And most importantly, she is a cheap whore. Why pay expensive sluts good money for fat thighs and a bad attitude, when you can have Melba turn up in skin tight leggings that shows off her perfect calves and ass. She will open her legs for peanut butter sandwich. She will suck your cock for a can of soda. And if you are kind enough to buy her an expensive meal, she will ask for a gold watch and tell you to fuck off. Only I bring you girls like this. High definition super slut slim hips and virulent vagina.
Story published 26-02-2015, 15:29, viewed 5659 times and 0 comments left.
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