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AsianCandyPop.com - Nok and Mot

In life you never know what to expect when dealing with the masses. On any given day the person you run into might not be a true reflection of their normal self. Nok and Mot seen here were on a hot and cold day. Nok was the Hot one and Mot was the cold one, at least as the night started off. As we got to the meat and potatoes of the scene and I was burying my cock in both these girls snatches their personalities switched. Nok got burned out and started going cold while Mot heated up with all the pussy action she was getting. I did what I could to just enjoy the moment and just kept pounding away. Shoes were off as the girls were being fancy free and refusing to bow down to complete submission at the whims of the director. Yet somehow with all the juggling of positions and switching of personalities I was able to pull it off to a frothy crescendo.
Story published 21-11-2014, 18:03, viewed 1551 times and 0 comments left.
AsianCandyPop.com - Bebe

Story published 21-11-2014, 18:02, viewed 2878 times and 0 comments left.
AsianCandyPop.com - Kim

Continuing on my BKK excursions to find just the girl willing to take the porn plunge I made my way to Soi Cowboy to find what has become the ever elusive taker. Going into the Agogo's I finally decided to try one of my old favorite bars. The girls there were mostly 25 and up but as I was scanning the faces and bodies of the girl, I just so happened to glance over at the girl I had set down next to when I first came in. Usually I don't pay attention to those in my immediate vicinity as I don't want to end up having a girl chat me up to get a free drink that I don't fancy in the first place. In this case the girl right next to me was quite decent so I decided to pop the question. At first she was a bit shy wondering what doing a movie would ensue. After about 5 minutes of explanation she was ready to grace the blue screen. I paid the barfine and we were off. She turned out to be a real horny girl, and told me how she had many men in the past in turns and sometimes in groups. All at the tender age of 22 and this girl had more men than most girls have in 10 lifetimes. She sucked My friend and my cocks at the same time and couldn't get enough. She did have a brief 10 seconds of modesty when I first cracked out my cock saying, "I only thought 1 man". That was short lived and she sucked like her life depended on it. Her inner whore was released and she embraced it like a true slut. If only more girls were so accommodating.
Story published 20-11-2014, 21:59, viewed 2361 times and 0 comments left.
AsianCandyPop, Mint & Naam

Having tough luck in scoring new talent is a hallmark of the trade, I had been bouncing around Bangkok all week looking for any takers. Finally I went to one of the agogo's I frequent that specialize in young girls when I found two that were up for the action. I only wanted one knowing what a logistics problem it would be having two young girls try to play off each other, but they were only to be had as a pair or not at all and there was no separating the two. I got a two girl discount just to even the odds a little more back in my favor. Naam said she would take it up the third hole so I knew there would be some anal action and you can never fault that. The girls were young and dumb but willing to take instructions and were in no rush so I had some time to work with and I duly put them through the paces. At one point Naam's Pussy exploded in red as it must have been that time of the month for her. I , being prepared for this eventuality, stuck a sponge up her hole and "stemmed the tide", so to speak. The anal action was intense with lots of crying and yelling, tears and all, and I'm not even talking about the girls yet. Somehow I got the action I was looking for but ,man, I was pulling double duty. This shoot left me totally drained but these young hos seemed none the worse for wear for all the ringers I put them through. All in a nights work.
Story published 20-11-2014, 21:57, viewed 2392 times and 0 comments left.
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