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LadyBoyCock (Autor: admin) - Labelle revisited

A girl with a big firm cock like Labelle needs regular servicing. And I am ready to do her. Have you fucked her yet? Have you sucked her tits while feeling up her cock? Have you left your family yet? You don't have to. You can fuck Labelle as often or seldom as you want. But if she does not get it from you, you know there will be some other guy in your place, some other guy up her heaving pert round bottom. You can fuck her, you can suck her. You can swallow her sperm. Don't tell your missus that you love the video.
Story published 30-12-2014, 21:05, viewed 1775 times and 0 comments left. - Panni

I've been a good boy because someone gave me the perfect gift. What is it you ask? Well it's short, brown, weighs about 85 lbs, and it's been aged for 18 years! Oh and the best part is I get to cum inside it all I want....and boy did I ever. Check out teen Panni and her amazing body. Teen creampie dream.
Story published 30-12-2014, 16:36, viewed 2452 times and 0 comments left.
LadyBoyCock (Autor: admin) - Starr Lights Up

Light of my life Starr looks deep into my eyes, into your eyes. She talks to you and masturbates. What do you look at, do you look into her big brown eyes, or keep your eyes on her sumptuous bell end? Where do you put your mouth, on her lovely lips, on the effervescent dimply skin of her testicles, or do you pop one of those perfect erect nipples between your teeth? There is so much to Starr. She shines in the skies. You will see her again, no doubt, but you can get your fill now. You can fill Starr up with your sperm. And when she kisses you afterward, her mouth will be full of sperm, your own, that she gives you back as a present to taste. Watch the video, or contact Starr directly, and meet her, in this universe or another.
Story published 30-12-2014, 16:12, viewed 1431 times and 0 comments left. - Sara

Sara is a 19 year old half Thai/Arab mix who is a a superstar. If you have the opportunity to bar fine Sara, you won't need to bar fine anymore girls. She will satisfy you completely. She has the body that all men dream about and she knows how to use it. Cum in her mouth or cum isnide her pussy, Sara will take it all. Watch her debut at Creampie Thais
Story published 30-12-2014, 15:59, viewed 4979 times and 0 comments left.
LadyBoyCock (Autor: admin) - Cathy Revisited

What is better than Cathy? Cathy in a body stocking. In a body stocking with her cock hanging out, with all her fragrance adhering to the body stocking. She sucks my penis and I ejaculate in her mouth. She opens her mouth so that you can see my sperm. It should be yours. Cathy would quite happily swallow your sperm. She wants to, she expects to. Watch the video and get her phone number.
Story published 29-12-2014, 21:20, viewed 1632 times and 0 comments left. - Mod GF Oral Cumshot

Story published 29-12-2014, 16:54, viewed 2725 times and 0 comments left. - Jang

Story published 29-12-2014, 16:52, viewed 2603 times and 0 comments left.
LadyBoyCock (Autor: admin) - Bobby

Big tit blue eyed Bobby, with her feet behind her ears and one hand on her own cock, I fucked her missionary style. I fucked her from behind, on all fours. All the time one of her hand was on her cock, and if I was not inside her, one hands was on my cock. Big full tits, big lush lips, sumptuous brown cock, firm flat soft warm waist, Bobby is designed to pleasure me. I phone her up and fuck her. I revel in her. I can give you her number. Bobby wants to see you. See her first on video, suck her ladyboy cock.
Story published 29-12-2014, 16:51, viewed 1713 times and 0 comments left.
LadyBoyCock (Autor: admin) -  Super Starr

Starr talks to you. Dressed in leopard skin, Starr gets her cock out for you. She she opens her small round bottom for you, so you can bury your face in it. Bury your face up her ass and breathe in her fragrance. I have. You can. Lick from her asshole to her testicles. Ravish her. You want to go to heaven, well Starr is here on Earth. Seen her before, and you are seeing her again, this time, only for you. Your fuck, your girlfriend, your attainable dream. Get Starr here, and all my other girls. Get cock, and bury your face deep up the video.
Story published 29-12-2014, 13:49, viewed 1832 times and 0 comments left.
LadyBoyCock (Autor: admin) - Sopa

Cock, revel in cock. Sopa is cock, I shove her in my mouth. Her bell end stuck in my throat, her heavy brown testicles rest in my lips and her smell is overwhelming. The smell you only get from girls with cock. There is a dark brown fuzzy line separating her testicles. I trace my tongue along it, onto some paler skin, and on into the gaping eye in the center of her round soft peach shaped bottom. She is a lovely fuck. Sopa revels in receiving cock, and I am here to oblige. I oblige Sopa and I oblige you. Really I am doing this for you. You can phone Sopa if you want. I have got her number, I have the number of all my girls. And if you ever need a nurse, watch the full 1080 high definition penis.
Story published 27-12-2014, 20:12, viewed 1868 times and 0 comments left.
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