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BangkokStreetWhores.com - Gai

Gai is a whore. A big one. A great one. We fucked her in the shower, in the bed, on the floor and even in a back ally on the way to get some food after the shoot. She likes it rough and she will suck and fuck as many cocks as you can put in front of her. She's like a Ms Pac Man that gobbles dicks instead of dots. We dumped TWO LOADS OF CUM ON HER FACE! This is a great facial scene and you can truly see in her eyes how much she loves it. The good lord should create all other whores based on this one.
Story published 24-03-2015, 16:07, viewed 8631 times and 0 comments left.
BangkokStreetWhores.com - Akkan

Story published 23-03-2015, 17:31, viewed 7056 times and 0 comments left.
BangkokStreetWhores.com - Tuk

This filthy little street whore stopped us outside of Soi Cowboy and told us she would fuck us with no condom, so we were sold from the get go. We quickly rushed back to the hotel, stripped her down and fucked her before she could even take a shower. She's tiny and Jimmy's thick cock was hurting her but she took it like a fuckin' champ and got a nice load to the face. She didn't like that too much, but she loves to fuck and feel raw dick inside of her. Tuk is her name and fucking is her game. God bless cheap dirty whores.
Story published 22-03-2015, 11:49, viewed 5628 times and 0 comments left.
BangkokStreetWhores.com - Dao

From the minute we saw her dancing up on stage, Dao gave us HUGE WOOD and we knew we had to shoot her for the site! With a super sexy ass, a tasty pussy and a taste for seducing the camera, Dao was born for porn. She would slurp cock, guzzle cum and take it hard and fast up her sticky pussy all day long if you wanted her to. I guess what they say about women in their 30s is true, they are COCK HUNGRY! "Dao" in Thai means "star" and she is without a doubt, a cheap Thai whore that could be a porn star in America or Europe if she wanted to. That's why Dao will always be our supernova.
Story published 21-03-2015, 15:42, viewed 5218 times and 0 comments left.
BangkokStreetWhores.com - Lek

Lek is a really sexy whore who I have been trying to get pregnant since I first met her but she won't fuck me without a rubber. She won't even let me stick the tip in. The cunt! We figured we'd try to get her to raw dog on video but failed again. Jimmy burns that pussy up in a hot scene and assaults that young body and pussy like the Germans assaulted France. She has flawless skin, a pretty face and long black hair, and a pussy that wraps around your cock like a glove.
Story published 20-03-2015, 14:42, viewed 6930 times and 0 comments left.
BangkokStreetWhores.com - Ae - The Perfect Whore

What a beautiful whore! We were chilling out at a go-go bar in Pattaya and drinking a few beers when when we first saw her. She doesn't speak much English, but once she understood what we wanted, she smiled knowingly & said we can go. Jimmy went nuts fucking this stunner, first blasting a huge load of cum inside her bald Thai pussy, then after some serious fucking he blew another load all over her pretty little tits. This is a hot fucking scene. Marry this whore if you ever see her. She's perfect!
Story published 16-12-2014, 17:03, viewed 5441 times and 0 comments left.
BangkokStreetWhores.com - Hue - Hue's Hangers

Big tit Hue is another rare find. I think there are 5 big tit whores in all of Thailand and we have found all 5 of them. I'm all about heavy hangers and Hue had me hard immediately so we flipped a coin to see who was going to tag it, then she said she would take us all on, and the rest is porno history! We all took turns using her body and filling her holes but only one of us could bust a nut because... well, because the other guys had blown too many nuts and simply didn't have it in them to blow another one. WEAK! lol
Story published 15-12-2014, 20:42, viewed 7712 times and 0 comments left.
BangkokStreetWhores.com - Be - Bad Teeth Be

Story published 14-12-2014, 17:23, viewed 5278 times and 0 comments left.
BangkokStreetWhores.com - Oh
Story published 14-12-2014, 16:33, viewed 7930 times and 0 comments left.