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AsianBabyMakers.com - Jee - Big Boobs Jee

It's a rare find anywhere in Asia when you run across a set of natural tits like these. We met Jee in a go-go bar and see was eager to fuck on film and be famous. What we didn't know is that these tits come with a price and we're not talking about money. She is a fiery, giggly little bitch who can't stand still for 10 seconds. A.D.D. is an understatement. Regardless, I'm not here to hang out with her or to marry her, just to get my load off inside her fertile little Asian pussy! Her heavy tits are just incredible and got me off hard. I shot my load extremely deep inside her pussy and just a dribble runs out. Within seconds Jimmy jumps right in and fucks her filled pussy until it lathers up nice and thick, then he pumps another hot load into her. In the end she had TWO LOADS OF BABY JUICE inside her and we can only hope she gets knocked up so those tits will swell up and fill with milk! The baby is going to be a dumb ass though.
Story published 24-03-2015, 16:23, viewed 14509 times and 0 comments left.
AsianBabyMakers.com - Nok - Itty Bitty Nok

Story published 23-03-2015, 17:46, viewed 7766 times and 0 comments left.
AsianBabyMakers.com - Jum

We found Jum hanging out outside of night club and after spitting some game she agreed to come with us and be a movie star. Her long legs and slender body really turned me on as she is just one of those girls that oozes sexuality and instantly gets you hard. Once we all made it back to the apartment and got her out of her clothes Mr. Kincade was quick to jump on her with his monstrous cock and split her in two as he entered her young Thai pussy. Actually, this is the scene that almost killed Mr. Kincade. Jum fucked him so hard over the course of an hour that when he came he actually blacked out for 15 minutes. He later told me that he had never cum so hard in his entire life and that her pussy was so tight it felt like he took her virginity. Oh my.
Story published 21-03-2015, 15:26, viewed 7022 times and 0 comments left.
AsianBabyMakers.com - Mam - Teen Creampie

We met this teenage breeding machine on a bus on our way back to Bangkok from Chang Mai. As luck would have it, she was amused by our dumb jokes and started talking to us and explained that she is 18 now and is on her way from the farm to the bars of Bangkok where she will start a new job in a Go-Go Bar to support her family. Of course we wanted to help her and her poor family so we decided to contribute to the cause. Mam was very excited to start taking care of her parents so she jumped at the chance to be a boom-boom movie star. Though she was young, this little girl has been fucking for a while and loved every stroke of the cock... all the way to the very end where Jimmy unloads inside her beautiful Thai teen pussy. I don't know much in life but I do know this... Mam is one horny girl and that pussy of hers is going to make her parents very rich!
Story published 15-12-2014, 20:35, viewed 13810 times and 0 comments left.
AsianBabyMakers.com - Tukta - Desperate Hooker
Story published 14-12-2014, 17:01, viewed 8169 times and 0 comments left.