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CreampieThais.com - Thip

Have you been to this bar? On a side road, in a not so popular part of Pattaya, is wonderful naughty place! Behind the door of a telephone booth, is a world of frothy blowjobs, and sloppy seconds. The first time I visited this hidden bar I was met by 19 year old Thip. She was gorgeous in the dimly lit room as she grabbed my hand and paraded me through to the back. She sat me in a chair and asked me if I wanted something to drink. I ordered with the service girl and then Thip began rubbing my crotch through my shorts. She then smiled and dropped to her knees, pulled out my cock and started giving me head. Within minutes of entering this secret suck shop, I was enjoying a full BBBJ experience and ready to cum inside this teenage girl's mouth. Normally the girls in seedy bars don't look this good. But now and then you find a stunner who just started working because of an aunt or friend from the village told them that this is how you make it rich! And there is some truth for that, for many Thai girls! The following day I invited Miss Teen Suck-Me-Off to my place for an afternoon romp in the bed. I needed to see that young pussy in full light to be sure it was as pretty as I imagined. Thip had only been in Pattaya for 5 days when I met her. I was her 4th customer and she hadn't fucked anyone yet. After my introduction, Thip took off her cute outfit to display her teen body, perky dark nipples, and succulent Thai pussy. She sucked my cock for a second time and once hard I entered her sweet virgin pussy. It wasn't long until I felt my balls ejaculating a wonderful white load of sperm deep inside Thip's tiny cunt.
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CreampieThais.com - Tida

Story published 22-11-2014, 14:36, viewed 3639 times and 0 comments left.
CreampieThais.com - Jaidee

It's nice to be back in Pattaya after a quick border run. Usually the first thing I do when I return is grab a Songthaew to Soi 6 for an afternoon quickie. I might stroll up and down the street a few times before I decide on a girl to shag, but today it didn't take me long at all. About 3 bars down from 2nd Road, I saw a stunning, tall girl named Jaidee. She was standing outside with the rest of the teen tarts who try desperately to lure guys into their bar. I immediately b-lined towards Jaidee, grabbed her hand, and took her inside the bar. Still somewhat early I just ordered a water for myself, and a bar-fine for the lady. That's right, there would be no short time at this dirty bar. I was going to bring Jaidee back to my room and watch her parade her fat ass around the room with a pair of 5" heels. When she finally stopped, she stripped out of her bar outfit and started sucking my hard cock. It felt so good to have her full lips suck my helmet while jerking my shaft with her hand. I lay in bed while Jaidee climbed on top and slips my bare cock in her very wet vagina. She rides me forwards and reverse until I roll her over and start ramming her doggie style. Her cunt is slippery and I can tell she's new to the bar scene. Jaidee doesn't know about protection and there is no objection as I instantly ejaculate my potent sperm into Jaidee's lovely pussy.
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CreampieThais.com - Nattaporn

Lately I've been in the mood for round juicy ass, and what better place to find a plump juicy ass then at Foodland on Soi Grocery. This hot girl was quietly shopping near the meat and sausage display, minding her own business, when I decided to annoy her with broken Thai language and poor manners. She ignored me at first, but my persistence paid off when she finally cracked a smile and giggled at my ridiculous behavior. Perhaps it was my cuteness or maybe she was actually looking for some dick, but this pretty Thai chick finally escorted me back to my hotel on Soi Sex for an afternoon roll in the hay. She is just 22 years old but she has a womanly body. I had her walk around the room in high heels, and completely naked to show off her sexy naked strut. I followed her with the camera back n forth until I finally sprung wood in my pants. She then walked up to me and dropped to her knees to engulf my cock. She's a natural cock sucker, taking my hard-on deep inside her wet mouth and licking my shaft up and down. Finally I mounted that sweet apple bottom ass and rode it into the sunset. I creampied her tight little pussy with so much spunk .... it made her pregnant ... twice!
Story published 22-11-2014, 14:30, viewed 2646 times and 0 comments left.
CreampieThais.com - Raya - Buri Ram, 18 years old.

For the next few minutes, let's talk about pussy. We all want it. You might say we all need it. But let's say you were a stud muffin and you got a lot of pussy; so much that you became an expert on it. Let's say that because of all the pussy you've seen, tasted, and fucked, you became somewhat of a connoisseur of pussy. If all this were true, then you'd be able to judge one pussy from another. You'd be able to differentiate between good pussy or bad pussy. Or even better, you'd be able to determine the 'gold standard' for pussy's quality by it's design, shape, color, texture, size, and even taste. Well if you had all this knowledge and experience with pussy, then what pussy would you consider to be the best? Oh you're asking me? Well if I had to choose, I would say that I'm a SLIT man. I like a really thin, perfectly symmetrical shaped pussy. And out of all the girls, there has only been a handful that posses this wonderful style pussy. Models like Janee, Eaw, Jantra, and even Feau come to mind. But now there's 18 year old Raya. She is fresh from a low level university, but a student nonetheless. Raya is a beautiful girl with a wonderful body, and the most perfect pussy. At my age, I still get butterflies in the stomach when I see a perfect slit pussy like Raya's. It was bareback all the way with a wonderful creampie finish. On to the next one...
Story published 22-11-2014, 14:24, viewed 2918 times and 0 comments left.
CreampieThais.com - Pensri

Beach Road has never been more brilliant! If you start at say Pattaya Klang (which is the central road) and begin walking down the beach towards Walking street, you will encounter hundreds of beautiful women. Some dolled up like pretty girls, while others are scantly clad. Some are in groups, while others are standing all alone. I find those the most approachable as they are willing to negotiate better knowing their friends aren't judging them. Many of these freelancers are part time so you can easily find some diamonds in the rough. At about Soi 8 (which was only 50 meters from where I started) I found a lean-mean-fucking-machine named Pensri. At first I thought she was a Kathoey because she had the body of a boy. But upon further inspection I realized she was all women. And to my surprise, her fake looking tits were all natural. Pensri and I hopped on my motorbike and headed back to my room. When we arrived, Pensri wasted no time. She immediately began sucking my cock with skillful precision. She was definitely horny and once she satisfied her oral craving, she climbed aboard and sank my condom-less cock deep inside her wet pussy...Bareback! Beach girls are naughty sluts. I had the nicest pair of tits flopping in my face with the wettest pussy bouncing on my cock. I fucked Pensri's rock'n body all over the short time room until finally climaxing deep inside her silky vagina. That was the best 700 baht I ever spent.
Story published 22-11-2014, 13:59, viewed 3105 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Bua Anal

Smart girls are found in the better parts of the city. Bua was standing by a brick wall in the slums near an abandoned factory, waiting to be picked up. Pretty pointless really, and a good thing my taxi driver got lost. So not having seen a customer all day, or even for weeks, Bua was keen to be picked up and willing to do the lot. Most importantly, oral and anal. You do not need too much brain for this, which she did not, just a pretty face and a greased up asshole. Eager, polite, willing and dum slum girl. Just right for a some slimy ass fucking. Pleased and happy Bua went straight back to the brick wall. Know where to find her if I need her. Big city semen slurping high definition buttock clenching slum slapper.
Story published 22-11-2014, 13:47, viewed 3659 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Din Daeng Anal

Another semen sucking slapper from the streets that takes cock straight up her bum hole like it was the natural orifice for a good afternoon of fun. I do love a lithe creamy fuck bunny for a filthy session of good clean asshole buggery, with the sweet smell of anal perfume. The good girl slobbers all over my penis as it comes straight out of her bottom, mixing her own saliva and anal juices with sperm that I am happy to ejaculate. Watch the fishnet clad high definition video, and see what should be merrily burying herself on the end of your knob.
Story published 22-11-2014, 13:45, viewed 4484 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Podge Anal

Podgy but willing, "Fuck me honey!" she said. So I buggered her up the shitter. I would like to tell you that this is a girlie from the street, but it is my landlord's son's girlfriend. A good girl, keen to please, kind to everyone, and a right little raver. She has sex with every tenant with a foreign face. She takes delight in getting faced fucked after anal sex, as she says it is good for her complexion. She needs a bit more in my view. Anyway, we had good sex, she took my details for her smart phone and then went downstairs to meet her boyfriend who took her out for a Chinese meal. I got a text message from her later, saying the food was good, but that she should not have farted in the middle of it, because she wet the back of her knickers with a glob of my sperm. A podgy video, but willing, and with high definition, straight up the asshole.
Story published 22-11-2014, 13:43, viewed 2947 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Nuhmtahn

Dark, sweet and eager for a good fuck, Nuhmtahn gets picked up on the street. I take her out for some food, and feel her up under the table. She don't care, she grinds her cunt against my fingers, and is quite happy if anyone sees her. She is more than pleased if anyone sees this video. Fuck me please, fuck me please. She says this all the time while I am fucking her. 'Cos she wants you to fuck her too. You should be fucking her, gripping her small brown frame, running your hands down her glazed deep tanned skin. Dark brown against your skin would look good. She will be pleased to get your cock up her, she will be pleased to taste your semen. She would probably let you do her in the restaurant, or in some back alley, or over the hood of your car. Anyone can watch, she wants them to fuck her too. Well not anyone, she only likes foreigners, and preferably a bit older too. She has had a lot, and she is going to have a lot more. Filthy fucker, see the pick up, high definition, glowing palm sugar flesh.
Story published 22-11-2014, 13:39, viewed 3440 times and 0 comments left.
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