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AsianStreetMeat.com - Teq

As well as thoroughly enjoying a good fuck, Teq is bloody good at deep throating. She does not really lick my dick, but goes larynx deep without hesitation, and her eyes bulge as she gets throat fucked. She peels off her shiny black lycra pants and demands sex and enough money to keep her going till tomorrow. I can't actually remember how she got into my room, all I know is that I have to wipe her lipstick off my balls. Get the video out of her airway.
Story published 16-12-2014, 21:33, viewed 2932 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Yhing Anal
I fucked happily submissive Yhing deep up her anus and felt the tip of my cock steer its way half way round her small intestine. My hips slammed against her little botty cheeks and my shaft slid effortlessly up her rectum. Her buttocks trembled and her voice rose. I asshole fucked her on the bed. I asshole fucked her over the kitchen sink. I grabbed her wobbly tits and she rubbed her own clitoris. I fucked her throat, straight out of her ass and down her throat. Then I fucked her ass again. Yhing really does have beautiful finger nails, see them on the video.
Story published 16-12-2014, 21:28, viewed 3116 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Alice

Alice got married to the son of the family running the papaya cartel. There is good money in fruit. She is well spoken light skinned and educated, exactly what is in demand by the rich playboy elite, who live on their parents hard work and scams. Her own parents were happy, they got a big pay off, a new pickup truck, and it made them feel good to think of themselves as new society. The in laws were happy with a beautiful well spoken girl to keep their son out of trouble. Her new husband was overjoyed at his great prize. Alice herself was a bit indifferent. She was pleased that she could finally lose her virginity, instead of rubbing her clitoris while watching porn on her tablet. But she and him did not particularly like each other. They did have sex a few times, but only because they were bored. He had plenty of other girlfriends that he would go out to fuck, and Alice had plenty of spending money to go to the shopping malls. But sex for her seemed rather vanilla when compared to the sex she had seen on the dirty web sites. I met Alice at the fruit growers cartel annual fund raising carnival. They raise huge sums of cash for good causes and keep it all themselves. Alice was floating around in a smart dress suit, smiling and flirting with the guests, her pocket book in one hand and her tablet in the other. I could see she had a smashing figure. I had snuck in uninvited to get a free buffet. Not a bad buffet, but too much fruit. Alice and I got talking, and it did not take long till we both agreed that she should make and star in her own dirty movie. Now she can watch herself on her tablet whenever she likes. And so can you. Squeeze some lime on the papaya and suck it off the video.
Story published 16-12-2014, 21:26, viewed 2779 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Chick

I finally found a cute girl with no brain, not just half a brain cell but absolutely nothing. I think she is one more of these genetically engineered fuck toys from the science lab. They are meant to genetically modify grain and rice for resistance against pests, but fuck it, what would you do if you had a large budget, cute assistants and a high power laser beam. Anyway, after creating Chick, and fucking her silly, they dumped her at the side of the road. I picked her up, and could instantly see good use for her. So here is the video.
Story published 16-12-2014, 21:24, viewed 2903 times and 0 comments left.
BangkokStreetWhores.com - Ae - The Perfect Whore

What a beautiful whore! We were chilling out at a go-go bar in Pattaya and drinking a few beers when when we first saw her. She doesn't speak much English, but once she understood what we wanted, she smiled knowingly & said we can go. Jimmy went nuts fucking this stunner, first blasting a huge load of cum inside her bald Thai pussy, then after some serious fucking he blew another load all over her pretty little tits. This is a hot fucking scene. Marry this whore if you ever see her. She's perfect!
Story published 16-12-2014, 17:03, viewed 3066 times and 0 comments left.
SiamSlam (Autor: admin)
SiamSlam.com - Noi Nom - Massive Thai Tits

I know this girl is not going to be for everyone, but if you love big pendulous boobs, then you're going to beat your cock to death watching this scene. Noi has a stunning face and a small body, but what sets her apart are her giant floppy tits. It took me a while to talk Noi into making a video but she eventually gave in and gave her body and amazing boobs to me to use in any way I so desired. Mmmmm. Noi also has a very meaty pussy with big pussy lips that are perfect for chewing on. To be blunt, this big tit Thai girl was built to breed. You're going to love watching her knockers flop everywhere while she gets fucked bareback.
Story published 16-12-2014, 16:48, viewed 6181 times and 0 comments left.
CreampieThais.com - Minno

At barely 18, Minno enters her fresh face and delightful teen body into the world of Creampie Thais. In an extraordinary case of good luck, Minno just happens to be the younger sibling of Pui who called me up to say she had a sister who just turned eighteen and wanted to work. I immediately dropped what I was doing to jump at this awesome opportunity. Once Minno arrived I was in love. Her body was flawless, her skin was silky and white, and her face was straight out of a Thai teen Vogue magazine! My dick grew instantly into a hard-on that nearly started without me. Minno took notice of my raging boner and knelt over and began sucking my cock. She then fucked me in reverse cowgirl with her perfect teen ass bouncing up in down. I turned her over and fucked her doggie style and drilled her teen snatch into oblivion when suddenly I felt an eruption larger than ever before. With a few more thrusts, I exploded the largest load of cum deep into her pussy. Welcome to Pattaya, my training is complete!
Story published 16-12-2014, 16:12, viewed 2437 times and 0 comments left.
CreampieThais.com - Fone

I'm really starting to like Karaoke girls! When you've seen what all the GoGos have to offer, it's nice knowing that Thailand has plenty of other adult venues to find women. 20 year old Fone was on stage singing her set at a semi-popular karaoke club in Pattaya. I ordered a drink with the Mama-san and she came over after. Karaoke girls are generally naive, speak very little English, and are not use to foreigners. It turns out that Fone had never went with a non-Thai customer before. So it was pretty exciting to know I would be giving Fone her very first taste of immigrant cock. She was a little shy at first, but that feeling diminished once my cock was balls deep in her throat. Fone has a great body and mounting her doggie style with that great ass arched for the sky was a thrill of a lifetime. I sank my cock deep into Fone's perfect pussy and fucked her without a condom before finally shooting my stranger sperm deep into her inexperienced pussy.
Story published 16-12-2014, 16:02, viewed 2311 times and 0 comments left.
BangkokStreetWhores.com - Hue - Hue's Hangers

Big tit Hue is another rare find. I think there are 5 big tit whores in all of Thailand and we have found all 5 of them. I'm all about heavy hangers and Hue had me hard immediately so we flipped a coin to see who was going to tag it, then she said she would take us all on, and the rest is porno history! We all took turns using her body and filling her holes but only one of us could bust a nut because... well, because the other guys had blown too many nuts and simply didn't have it in them to blow another one. WEAK! lol
Story published 15-12-2014, 20:42, viewed 4128 times and 0 comments left.
AsianBabyMakers.com - Mam - Teen Creampie

We met this teenage breeding machine on a bus on our way back to Bangkok from Chang Mai. As luck would have it, she was amused by our dumb jokes and started talking to us and explained that she is 18 now and is on her way from the farm to the bars of Bangkok where she will start a new job in a Go-Go Bar to support her family. Of course we wanted to help her and her poor family so we decided to contribute to the cause. Mam was very excited to start taking care of her parents so she jumped at the chance to be a boom-boom movie star. Though she was young, this little girl has been fucking for a while and loved every stroke of the cock... all the way to the very end where Jimmy unloads inside her beautiful Thai teen pussy. I don't know much in life but I do know this... Mam is one horny girl and that pussy of hers is going to make her parents very rich!
Story published 15-12-2014, 20:35, viewed 8062 times and 0 comments left.
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