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CreampieThais.com - Tida

Back by popular demand is the beautiful Queen-Nymph Tida. She's been studying at a local university during the day while working at the GoGo bar at night. This morning Tida called me to say she needed some milk money for school. Normally I'd just transfer over my life savings to keep that magical smile on her face. But this time, I told her to drop by my room to show me her school outfit so I could make sure she wasn't playing hooky. Sure enough, my school girl arrived wearing her white button down blouse, high hemmed skirt, and high heel shoes. Tida started slowly stripping out of her uniform, squeezing together her massive tits that were bulging out of the top of her bra. Once she saw my rock hard cock, she dropped to her knees and started giving me a wonderful blowjob. Next, she wrapped her giant cans around my cock and gave me a little mammary intercourse. By then my cock wanted to explode. I positioned Tida on the bed doggie-style and slowly entered her wet dripping pussy. Tida's cunt engulfed my cock and began rocking backwards onto my shaft. Her dirty pillows swung back n forth with every thrust into her vagina. I realized I had become Tida's sex toy as she fucked me on the floor, the chair, the bed, against the wall, it was all a blur. Tida brought me back to reality when she told me to cum inside her pussy. Like every great sex toy, my natural instincts kicked in and I ejaculated my jizz deep inside Tida's receptive cunt. Now get to school little girl!
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CreampieThais.com - Kitti

Spinner, spinner, chicken dinner. After months of trying, I finally landed one of Walking Street's newest and cutest teen aGoGo dancers. At 37 kilos, Kitti is the perfect Asian-spinner-princess-fuck doll every man dreams of. Her gorgeous face and lean body will make any cock rise, throb, and erupt within minutes. I began the video with Kitty buck-naked as I didn't want any of you to miss a single moment of her slim body. As she knelt down to give me a blowjob, my cock had never looked bigger as it crammed inside Kitti's mouth. My shaft is easily half the width of her petite face. As Kitti gave me a pro cock-sucking, I began to think if her mouth is this small, I bet her cunt is even smaller. I pressed Kitty against the wall and penetrated her pussy from behind. With each thrust, my cock would bottom out as it pressed against her cervix. Each pump into Kitti's tiny pussy ignited whimpers of enjoyment. I then laid on the floor and watched as Kitti positioned her pussy over my cock to mount me. Her tight vagina began pumping up n down the shaft of my throbbing cock. This is a professional cowgirl ride, front and reverse that will challenge any pro whore. My excitement is overflowing and I can't hold off any longer. I take Kitti to the bed, bend her over, and fuck her doggie style. As she looks over her shoulder into my eyes, I know I temporarily own this pussy and I'm determined to ejaculate inside of it. I turn Kitti over and enter her vagina for the last position. With a few more minutes of pounding, her silky smooth pussy finally triggers my orgasm as I shoot a massive load of white potent jism deep inside of her. Curiosity didn't kill the cat, it killed her pussy.
Story published 26-11-2014, 21:41, viewed 1631 times and 0 comments left.
CreampieThais.com - Lamai

Anyway, Lamai is a tattoo-less Thai teen with a gorgeous body, stunning face, and a superb ass. Yet, her best kept secret is her flawless pussy. Not only are the lips perfectly shaped, it's actually pink in color. It's not often you see Thai pussy that is pink! Lamai is a total nympho who loves to suck cock on demand, tongues asshole on command, and is one of the best fucks in Thailand. After the introduction, Lamai stripped out of her coyote outfit and dropped down to take my hard rod in her mouth. Her lips were warm and she provided the right amount of saliva to perform a proper blowjob. After moving down to lick my balls, Lamai awarded me with a wonderful rim-job. I was now ready to enter Lamai's body doggie-style. Her ass is silky smooth with the ideal amount of flesh to grip, grab, and slam. Shortly after, Lamai climbed on top of my cock and gave me some front and reverse cowgirl rides. Watching her buns pop up-n-down while my cock pistoned inside her teen cunt was pure heaven. Finally I flipped Lamai over and sank my cock balls deep into that immaculate pussy. It was an honor to seed the holy grail of cunts with a week's worth of jism.
Story published 26-11-2014, 21:39, viewed 1233 times and 0 comments left.
Thainee (Autor: admin)
Thainee.com - Dark desires

Story published 26-11-2014, 15:34, viewed 1542 times and 0 comments left.
Thainee (Autor: admin)
Thainee.com - Going Places

Story published 26-11-2014, 15:22, viewed 1330 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Ngiap Anal

Ngiap did not say a word. I called her out to the balcony and she removed her skirt. I fucked her on the balcony in the cool night air with the big city laid out below, her blouse still on. Fucked her with her blouse off, so anyone who cared to look up could see her perfect tits. Took her indoors, and buggered her on the sofa. Ngiap still did not say a word. She clenched her fingers and pulled her legs back further. I slid my cock up her silky ass hole. Fucked her sweetly up her angelic bum passage. I ejaculated between her soft open lips onto her waiting tongue. Well, she didn't fucking say anything then did she? I don't know about you mate, but I am going to fuck her again. Not just a high definition fuck, but the most gorgeous anal fuck from an undemanding brown eyed sweetie. Do you like the glass table top? Do you like the cracked masonry on the balcony? This is real.
Story published 25-11-2014, 21:07, viewed 2387 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Manao

Lime green slutwear and an endearing smile, Manao opened her legs and cheerfully got on the job. Nice wiggly bottom and a natural tendency to service cock, Manao is yet another product of the clandestine scientific genetic modification project. Exceptional what a few stem cells can do on video.
Story published 25-11-2014, 21:05, viewed 1318 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Patra Anal

Clean living Patra has a strong sense of morality. She does not fuck for free. Giving it away would make her a slut and be disrespectful to her family line. And what is more, she can make good money. Especially as she is quite good at anal. What a life. With her natural urge to get fucked, she can feel good about herself that she is quite virtuous. Even when she has got a cock up her ass hole, she can feel quite untarnished. The relaxing feeling she gets from having her bowels massaged is very pleasant, and she is glad that she can use her rectal passage and lovely round buttocks to massage the penis of whatever punter wants to enjoy the depth of her bottom. With the taste of semen in her mouth, incorruptible Patra is noble in the feeling that she is neither a slut not a prostitute, provides a good service, and is a bonus to society. Pleased to show off her clean lifestyle as well as her luscious figure on full 1080 high definition video, here is Patra anal.
Story published 25-11-2014, 21:03, viewed 2029 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Lita

Lita was a cleaner at the airport, in charge shining of the glass division between the arrivals and departures lines. She would see all these uncouth foreigners coming into the nation, some would smile at her and others would leer at her. In their first steps into the country they would see a pretty little girly halfheartedly cleaning glass. She would see other foreigners leaving the nation, often accompanied by their low class slut whore girlfriends. So Lita resolved, she could fuck foreigners for money. She was not paid well at the airport, and let the baggage handling boys fuck her for free in the unclaimed baggage department. A lot of fucking went on in the unclaimed baggage department, as it was outside the main terminal on the runway side. A girl could squeal as much as she wanted and no one would hear. Lita, as much as any airport cleaner learned to associate sex with moaning and screaming. So here is Lita in my hotel room, pleased to be working as a low class slut whore, for marginally better money than she is used to. See her shine my cock with spit and saliva. Hear her squeal on high def video.
Story published 25-11-2014, 21:02, viewed 1462 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Krako

Skinny fucking dirty slut with a little round ass that sticks out loves getting screwed. She loves cock, and if she don't get it, she shoves something plastic up there. She has got no fucking tits, just a pair of rock hard nipples. You can pick her up with one hand, her fuck hole is always ready and her skinny legs are open wide for ease of access. She might or might not want money, but she certainly wants to get fucked on the floor. Little girl on big screen, long video on full high definition. Another fuckoff slapper from the street.
Story published 25-11-2014, 20:56, viewed 1778 times and 0 comments left.
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