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AsianStreetMeat.com - Yhing Anal
I fucked happily submissive Yhing deep up her anus and felt the tip of my cock steer its way half way round her small intestine. My hips slammed against her little botty cheeks and my shaft slid effortlessly up her rectum. Her buttocks trembled and her voice rose. I asshole fucked her on the bed. I asshole fucked her over the kitchen sink. I grabbed her wobbly tits and she rubbed her own clitoris. I fucked her throat, straight out of her ass and down her throat. Then I fucked her ass again. Yhing really does have beautiful finger nails, see them on the video.
Story published 16-12-2014, 21:28, viewed 2017 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Alice

Alice got married to the son of the family running the papaya cartel. There is good money in fruit. She is well spoken light skinned and educated, exactly what is in demand by the rich playboy elite, who live on their parents hard work and scams. Her own parents were happy, they got a big pay off, a new pickup truck, and it made them feel good to think of themselves as new society. The in laws were happy with a beautiful well spoken girl to keep their son out of trouble. Her new husband was overjoyed at his great prize. Alice herself was a bit indifferent. She was pleased that she could finally lose her virginity, instead of rubbing her clitoris while watching porn on her tablet. But she and him did not particularly like each other. They did have sex a few times, but only because they were bored. He had plenty of other girlfriends that he would go out to fuck, and Alice had plenty of spending money to go to the shopping malls. But sex for her seemed rather vanilla when compared to the sex she had seen on the dirty web sites. I met Alice at the fruit growers cartel annual fund raising carnival. They raise huge sums of cash for good causes and keep it all themselves. Alice was floating around in a smart dress suit, smiling and flirting with the guests, her pocket book in one hand and her tablet in the other. I could see she had a smashing figure. I had snuck in uninvited to get a free buffet. Not a bad buffet, but too much fruit. Alice and I got talking, and it did not take long till we both agreed that she should make and star in her own dirty movie. Now she can watch herself on her tablet whenever she likes. And so can you. Squeeze some lime on the papaya and suck it off the video.
Story published 16-12-2014, 21:26, viewed 1623 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Chick

I finally found a cute girl with no brain, not just half a brain cell but absolutely nothing. I think she is one more of these genetically engineered fuck toys from the science lab. They are meant to genetically modify grain and rice for resistance against pests, but fuck it, what would you do if you had a large budget, cute assistants and a high power laser beam. Anyway, after creating Chick, and fucking her silly, they dumped her at the side of the road. I picked her up, and could instantly see good use for her. So here is the video.
Story published 16-12-2014, 21:24, viewed 1774 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Soong

Lots of pretty girls hang out at the drag racing strip. They wear team colors and advertise the promoters. The racing enthusiasts drool over them, but they are not actually free to go with customers while in team colors. Soong goes there just to get picked up. She does not belong to any team, but does own one of the last season cast off jackets, and has been fucked by drivers, mechanics and racing fans. A truly pleasant fuck, she takes it deep in her throat and swallows sperm readily. You can see Soong on this video with her mouth wide open while I ejaculate.
Story published 12-12-2014, 15:14, viewed 1185 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Fiasco

Total fuck off Fiasco. I fuck the girls that you should be fucking, but this girl I fucked so you don't have to. The gorgeous little slut that is a right nightmare, telling me when to come, telling me to take it out, telling me not to finish 'cos she has not come yet. Complaining about every fucking thing, me, her, money, you, her family, life, she has got a real fucking chip on her shoulder about everything. But, Fiasco does need to reach orgasm. If not, there is a continuous tirade of expletives. And when she does come, she continues her tirade of expletives. She does look good in her turquoise leggings, fucking good. And if she would shut the fuck up, she would be a good grind as well. Don't invite her to your room, she might smash it up. I don't know what this girl is capable of. Apart from sex, which she does enjoy. She just does not give a krap if you enjoy it or not. I have got so many lovely girls for you, clean, smelly, cute, filthy, loving, fit, delightful girls. Now, all you have got to do, is watch Fiasco on video.
Story published 12-12-2014, 15:11, viewed 2267 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Gold Anal

Right royally rogered up her rectal ass tube, tongue stud Gold eagerly slurps my cock as soon as I withdraw it from her gaping sphincter. Quite happy to get fucked in all three of her well used orifices, to please every guy that appreciates the benefits of a right dirty cute street strumpet. Actually Gold is worth a filthy fortune. Her auntie sold the family farm when Gold was born and bought a caseload of gold rings from the Chinese gold merchant. Bloody good investment, and Gold has never wanted for a thing, excepting the fact that she is a natural bum fuck bunny oral sperm slut. The tongue stud is made of stainless steel. She gargles sperm around it. Not sure which I enjoyed ejaculating in more, her asshole or her gob. You decide, watch the video.
Story published 12-12-2014, 15:05, viewed 1520 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com -Vee Anal

I chained Vee to the toilet and fucked her up the ass. Fucked on the dining room table, fucked her well. Her short thick mop of hair matched her clean thick black haze of pubes with her nice pink clitoris poking through. She moaned and screamed when I fucked her vagina, she moaned and screamed more when I buggered her up her rectum. I chained her to the bathroom cabinet. She opened her mouth ready for me to ejaculate in it, quite happy to have got filthy fucked up all three fuck holes. Unchain the video.
Story published 12-12-2014, 14:56, viewed 1510 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Kana Slightly Pregnant

Who is at the fucking door this time in the morning? It is Kana, on her own. I never phoned her back. Anyway, she is straight down on my cock. She knows what her wire meshed mouth is for. She has got lovely tits, so I come all over her mouth and tits. And then she comes out with it. She is three months pregnant, and can I give her some money. Well first of all, I aint got no fucking money, and secondly if she is pregnant, it aint fucking mine. So I put her in handcuffs, lean her over a chair and fuck her from behind. There is a price to vegetables you know, watch the video.
Story published 12-12-2014, 14:50, viewed 1772 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Lilly

White bread and condensed milk with white sugar sprinkled on top, horrible sticky sweet stuff with no food value, but Lilly makes a good living from it. Better than working in a bar, no drunk patrons and no night work. Her cute looks are part of the fresh clean image, she gets off at eight I the evening, and maintains a dignified and modest lifestyle. The truth is Lilly is a bigger slut that any bar girl, loves to fuck, needs it, believes it enhances her lovely looks, and so enables her to sell more sugary rubbish. Careful with this video, you can get diabetes from it.
Story published 12-12-2014, 14:47, viewed 2918 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Shob Shob

Well you have likely seen Shob Shob on that TV commercial, where she keeps saying 'I like it' about some food chain restaurant, and she plays it as some delightful girly that appears to have little useful intellect. Well what do you want in a girl? Although I have brought you many cheap slappers from the street, I am pleased to present you today a truly talented and sought after cutie from the haughty media circles. You are unlikely to see this girl on the streets. She does not sell her fantastic figure and creamy curves to fat smelly foreigners. The tattoos on her back are purely cultural and have no bearing on her social status. It is not that you cannot afford her, usually she does not charge. Cos when she gets going, like them all, she is well fucking into it. See me pound away at Shob Shob's sweet loins, inside the closet, with her slender arms hanging on to the clothes rail for dear life, as her firm boobs bounce and her art media hairdo flies around. Better than television, high definition and super fuckoff sexy. Yours, if you know where to find her and which public houses to get thrown out of.
Story published 11-12-2014, 16:42, viewed 2553 times and 0 comments left.
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