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AsianStreetMeat.com - Plah Anal

Plah works as quality control manager at the seafood packaging company. It is a good job, and she does not need to fuck for money. So I had to convince her with lies and promises of love. Fucking hell it worked. I dressed her like a little hoe, and she behaved much better. And like any good back room office girl, she took it sweetly up her lovely back door asshole. No fishy smell, merely a mild and appealing whiff of fresh sweat and intestines. You can see her sphincter winking on the video. A lovely fuck, a nice clean respectable girl willingly gets fucked three ways on video. She lived up to full expectations. Got lots of my sperm on her face, but not too much entered her mouth. But she did take a load deep in her bowels. I gave her strict instructions not to go to the toilet for a week, and make sure she keeps my semen inside her rectum, and to do so as a token of her loyalty to me. Probably a bloody boring job she does at the seafood company, but I am sure she does it to the best of her ability. Now, I am going to sniff them silver leggings and think about her.
Story published 13-02-2015, 19:13, viewed 2495 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Gop

Street slapper Gop, hard work is too much for this one. She tried it once, working in a rice field and was there for twenty minutes. She did not actually do any work in that short time, just watched all the other villagers bending over planting rice. Then she borrowed enough money to get the tour bus into the city and disappeared forever. Much easier fucking for money, a nice light skinned country girl with a big grin and long silky hair can always get by opening her legs and bending over. Get the irony, watch the video.
Story published 6-02-2015, 15:44, viewed 1982 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Salee Born - Again Anal

A proven fact, youthful looks and a high and weird sex drive in females is derived from the absorption of copious amounts semen from varied sources over an extended period. Just look at Salee. Broadly, what that means is that because she gets fucked up the ass regularly, and has done so for fucking years on end, all that sperm in her asshole, combined with what she takes in her mouth and swallows has kept her young looking, vigorous and healthy, and keeps her wanting more sex. It is rather scientific really. The various hormones and chemicals in sperm interact with the female blood supply and produce incredible youth extending effects. It is not as simple as that, it needs not just a lot of sperm, not just in pure ounces, it needs a broad spectrum of these hormones to form the correct matrix, which can only be derived if there is sperm from thousands of different men interacting. So a girl can achieve this condition if she fucks like mad. And more importantly uses her anus and mouth. There will be some marginal effect from using the vagina, but really, that hole is for procreation. The rectum is different. Inside the rectum, near the base is quite a bit of porous membrane that allows the hormones from sperm to pass through and be absorbed internally. There is similar membrane tissue in the mouth under the tongue. So if you come in a girl's mouth, you should always get the girl to swish it around in her mouth and show you before she swallows. Now Salee is the biggest slut I know, and has been plying her asshole for years, decades. And here she is knocking on my door and begging to get fucked up her bum. So I throw her in handcuffs and bugger her up little botty. She shuffles around and knows what is good for her. Sodomize the video, it will last forever.
Story published 29-01-2015, 22:33, viewed 3035 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com -  Smoothie Anal

Smoothie works in a bar, and she is whored out every day to many different men. They use all her holes. She is good at taking it up her asshole, and can relax her ringpiece so it is gaping wide and easy to access. Her rectum is clean. You can see clearly up her asshole quite deep into her intestines, as she waits eagerly on all fours doggy style for the cock she intends to service in her back passage. Smoothie told me that all she wants in life is a good man to look after her. She does not care if he would be fat or old, and she would be quite happy to do every filthy sexual act on demand to make her new husband happy, and she would serve him for the rest of her life. You could be this man. You should be. Watch this video, find out how. In StreetMeatAsia.com, I bring you real girls that want relationships.
Story published 25-01-2015, 20:52, viewed 2505 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com -  Angelica Anal

So I am back in church, looking for my angel. Got to fuck her again, up the ass, up the fucking shitter. Do her fucking bum hole, all three holes. She certainly is a holey fucker. Half the congregation has been up. Most of them have paid dearly, either with cash or guilt. Angelica feels no guilt. She leaves her purse open on the table while she naked on the floor doggy style with her ass cheeks open and apart. She takes what she gets, money, cock, sperm. Sperm tastes good, cock feels good, but money is better than all. This is her morality, that she practices in church. Pay her for a slick slimy discrete anal botty bum fuck, and an excellent deep slurping throat. And pray over the video.
Story published 25-01-2015, 20:44, viewed 3072 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Hair (with Smoothie)

Hair is a natural submissive with a dubious past, having been trained in cultural arts in China and Japan. This included free diving for poisonous fugu fish, and sowing geisha girl outfits while blindfold. Being proud, she refused the sexual advances of her teachers. So her diving instructor sold her to a brothel. She serviced many men daily, before being released to a Japanese general, who paid for her to be his house slave. This is where Hair was trained in the cultural art of sperm slurping, an ancient discipline in which the girl has to play with ejaculate using her tongue for hours on end. When the general got bored of his muse, he let his friends play with her. Finally, he threw her out in the garbage can. The garbage crew found her and knew what to do. They recycle everything. Hair was chained to the recycle truck so the crew could fuck her whenever they wished. Actually, Hair did not mind getting fucked regularly by a crew of roughnecks, but the smell from the truck was overpowering. Some months later and back in her own country, Hair happily fucks any guy with a hotel room that does not smell, and she quite happily sucks penis, except the taste of semen brings back bad memories and makes her sick. Often she brings along her best friend Smooth for a double headed blow job. Get cultured, watch the video.
Story published 25-01-2015, 20:41, viewed 4460 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Bing

Now we have got a new pope. The old one had to go. God didn't appreciate his attention to fallen misdirected females. He secretly liked to shag gogo girls. The whole sordid story came to life when Bing was approached by an old guy in her bar. He wanted a girl for bondage and oral sex. When they got back to his hotel room, the old stranger insisted on blessing the girl with a treat of holey water. That is holey ejaculated water. Then he dressed up in this pontiff gown and started shagging away. According to Bing, he was bloody good at it. Anyway, at this point, a crew of North Korean commandos broke into the hotel room and captured everyone. Apparently they were upset that someone had been fucking the young leader's new girlfriend. That is nothing to do with this story though. The old guy was dragged away to a cheap short time room for questioning, where they realized he was merely an old bald guy with a big dick. The whole thing has been covered up. The North Koreans are now angry at America flying its not so stealthy stealth bombers over their dear young leader's home. So nuclear war is the only option. The new pope is a very nice man. Everyone is happy. Bing shags for money, and shags well. Watch the video.
Story published 25-01-2015, 20:39, viewed 1367 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Tooabie

Creamy fresh podgy little Tooabie sells cigarettes on the corner as all the high class whores walk by with their ageing foreign boyfriends. And she imagines the high life. So I showed it to her, chained her to the bed and fucked her between her ample little cellulite thighs. She fucking loved it, docile little doe eyed fuck machine. Ejaculated in her mouth and gave her enough money for two packs of cancer sticks. Real girl, straight off the street, covered in sweat and dressed in slutwear. Hang onto the spare tyre and watch the high def video.
Story published 23-01-2015, 15:50, viewed 2905 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Insure Anal

Renewing the insurance on my car and the girl won't give me a discount. I have not claimed on it for years, and my no claims should keep going down. The car is not worth much, it is an old banger. So why should I pay too much to get it insured? Give us a fucking discount girl! No she just sits there behind the desk, straight faced and stern. You need a fucking shag don't you? Bet you have not had it for weeks. She just sat there in her crisp white blouse, looking prim and proper, and said, 'No.' Oh come off it, give us a fucking discount, and stop being a fucking tit. Her head tilted to one side, and she glared at me with her diamond eyes, 'No.' So I moved up to the counter to meet her gaze. I looked at her face and her firm figure beneath her tight white shirt. And then I peaked down on her side of the counter, to see if she was wearing a skirt or pants, and to see if she had a fat ass. Well she did not have a fat ass, her hips were quite slim. And she was not wearing a skirt or pants. All she was wearing under the desk was stockings. Well, stockings and pantyhose. And she had this big black leather belt low down on her waist. What a strange fucking girl. So I looked at her face again. If you won't give me a discount then, what about fucking you up the ass? She glared at me even harder with her heavily made up eyes, but she did not say, 'No.' I paid the insurance and picked her up at five when she got off work. See insurance girl Botty Banger on video, taking it deep up the shitter, the stuck up little tit takes it easily stuck up her lightly effervescent and saliva lubricated rectal passage.
Story published 22-01-2015, 18:43, viewed 1861 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Extension Anal

Shape shifting, mind control, the elite illumiate, all this is the reason why gorgeous beings open their bowels and delight in anal sex. David Icke has the power to shape shift, just like his enemy, the controlling lizard people. It is a bit convenient how he can do this just as well. Watch how he rules the girl's mind so that she relaxes her anal sphincter muscles, so he can slip his penis up her rectum into her lower bowels. Not even a murmur comes from the obedient girl. She has no idea that she is being impregnated with lizard eggs, which can only grow in the lower intestine, before being shitted out and developing in the sewer system into active middle stage lizards. It is not uncommon for the lizards to swim upstream back through the septic system and up into the toilet bowl where they wait for young women to take control over. Have you noticed how many toilets seemed to get blocked and then mysteriously unblocked, and have a peculiar smell? Back to Extension, our current girl, who is here for you. See how she eagerly pleases him and licks around his ass crack, inhaling and getting deeper into oblivion. He fucks her ass, and she in turn transforms her body into a mechanism to accept asshole bum sod buggery up her shit passage. And with ease, and pleasure. She orgasms with his dick rooted squarely up her bumhole. He also fucks her mouth. Sperm should be inseminated at both ends of the intestinal tract. Notice the tattoos on her back, this is the mark of the lizard peoples breeder programme. She will be shitting eggs everywhere. Lizard people fucking human girls up the bum. Men fucking lizard girls up the ass, do you know about that? There is plenty of that going on too. You are probably part of it, and you don't even know. You do know how some girls, a minority, do ass fucking so easily, enjoy it, and tell you afterwards that it is better than vaginal sex. Well, they are lizard girls. You have probably fucked a lizard or too in your time. Same thing, you are fertilizing the lizard eggs up her ass, which she then shits out later to become second or third stage lizards. You know that, you fuck them up the ass, and your seamen does not come out. They keep it up there, they suck it in. And the smell, doesn't smell like shit does it? It smells good. Filthy but good. You don't even care if you don't clean your dick afterwards. The lizard girl does not care, she will put your cock straight in her mouth as it comes out of her ass. Illuminate, world domination, your legacy and your right to fuck girls up the ass. Watch Extension on video. This should be you, hip deep in her buttocks.
Story published 22-01-2015, 18:36, viewed 2024 times and 0 comments left.
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