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AsianStreetMeat.com - Bom and Peach - Lesbians Bom And Peach At It Again

Story published 1-05-2015, 16:50, viewed 3428 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Mita

Super fucking wench in black leggings. Lovely little figure, I picked her up on the street corner. She said she was waiting for her friend. When I asked who, she said I could be her friend. Corny little horny slut. So I slapped her in irons and clamped her in the heavy wooden stocks, and then I ejaculated on her face. I certainly am glad to be friends with Mita. Hard wood high definition video.
Story published 24-04-2015, 14:02, viewed 2386 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Sonthaya More Anal

She just won't let it go. Some of the other girls that I get you have done bloody good movies, but Sonthaya demands that she is better. So with little persuasion, here is Sonthaya again, demonstrating her ass hole and its usage. She is pleased to show of her lovely figure, which has been groped over by many holidaying foreigners. That is the very same leggings-come-bodysuit that she wears around the hotels and apartment blocks, that clearly shows off her vagina. Don't know what the blond wig is all about, I think it gets her past security at some hotels where she is too well known. So here again is her clean round bottom being invaded up the rectum by my cock. Lovely. Merely a mild scent and lots of cooing. Her little buttocks give ways as she lies on the coffee table, and I have a nice afternoon of buggering the beautiful bum babe. She wants you to see. She wants you to come pay her a visit. Really, she wants you to pay. It is well worth it, won't cost you too much. That is the reason she does these videos. She has never seen you, but if you are from abroad, she will quite pleasantly open all three holes and accept both your money and your sperm. Money and sperm, that is her life. Preferably through the use of her anus. That is why she done this high definition video.
Story published 18-04-2015, 16:16, viewed 2630 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Misteen

Now Misteen was fun. She talked all the way through, except when I had my cock in her mouth. Don't know where she came from. Some other slapper gave her my phone number saying that I would give some money if she fucked on video. Now of course, I would have turned that down if she was not tall, slim, creamy white a fit. But she was, and I wanted to fuck her. Lovely. Must be some high class slapper, speaks English and has no tattoos. High definition fragrant video.
Story published 10-04-2015, 11:43, viewed 2373 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Mavis More Anal

You don't get a fitter chained up anal bum slut than Mavis. The perfect peach shaped bottom and her lean tattoed back, you can fuck Mavis up her asshole for good. Big fat brown vagina lips, but you can go straight up her rectum. You will be amazed at how she was built for anal sex. You can always fuck her throat too, come in her mouth, come on her tattoes. Lots of guys have come in her throat. But she will always take cock up her tight asshole. It is full of sperm. Yours and everyone elses too. She will grip your cock with her powerful sphincter muscles as she has done to all the other guys in their hotel rooms too. Or in the street. Or in a taxi. Chain her to the bed, she don't care, so long as you shove your cock up her, preferably up her back passage. A girl that really loves ass fucking, and don't give a shite who does it to her. A smelly fat foreigner up her sweet fragrant rectum, that is what she wants. No need to see his face, just feel his cock going deep. Purple haired wet sticky high def video.
Story published 2-04-2015, 20:01, viewed 2679 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Manee

You know this TV program where they have all these would be pop stars trying to win (I am not allowed to fucking say the name of the show but you all know) and it is all rigged anyway. Well, Manee works on the local version as the coach showing the wouldbes how to look at the camera. That is all she does. You never see her on the show, but it would not work without her, 'cos the contestants are fucking useless and don't even know where to look. So that is what she does. Shows them how to make the right eyes that everyone loves, and look into the fucking camera. Now I have got her on my show, here she is looking right at you. My cock in her mouth, and she looks at the camera. Cock up her sweet vagina, she looks at the camera. Don't know why you want to look at the fucking camera, all I wanna do is look at her, fucking great girl. Better talent than any on that TV show. She make nice noises to. High definition blue eyed video. You want real reality, Street Meat Asia in my hotel room.
Story published 27-03-2015, 14:55, viewed 4007 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Shofa

There is nothing Shofa likes more than a good fuck. Like all the other girlies than sell clothes in the wholesale market under the superskyskraper, Shofa works twelve hours a day, rarely sees daylight, has all her friends around her, and get highly frustrated. So when she gets the chance of a fuck in a hotel room with some exotic foreigner, she jumps at it with full enthusiasm. Not the sort of girl you are likely to see on the street, but a great brown figure and a moist tight vagina. So how do I know Shofa? Well she is my supplier of leggings. High definition skin tight camel toe video.
Story published 20-03-2015, 11:16, viewed 1984 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Xam Cryogenic Anal

Xam does anything for money. She answered the advert at the cryogenic laboratory that requested young fit specimens for temporary employment with suitable remuneration. She turned up in what she considered suitable slutwear, which was totally ignored when they threw her into a vat of liquid nitrogen. A few years later, the research leader at the laboratory deemed it was time to retrieve all the frozen specimens. All except Xam had turned into frozen slush, most certainly dead and no chance of revival. Xam however, thawed out unharmed, held her hand out and demanded money. She usually does short time, or if she really likes you stays all night. But a few years in frozen hell was quite unusual. So, why did Xam survive? Quite simply, large quantities of sperm all the way through her intestinal tract. That means that she has been fucked up her ass and down her throat by loads of guys. It sort of acts like antifreeze. Xam does not know a thing about that. She does not even know that ten years have gone by. All she knows is she does anything for money, especially anal sex while being chained up. Open the freezer and get the video out.
Story published 13-03-2015, 18:36, viewed 2790 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Mot

Mot was good on the farm, a strong fit dirty girl, capable of doing more work than all the farmboys together. All they wanted to do was get in her knickers. Not that she was adversed to dropping her knickers, she just did not want to work all day for peanuts. So she fucked off to the big city. And now she she gets paid by the fuck, and earns enough to pay for a big show off tattoo on her back. She works on her back often, but usually on all fours. Doggy style, so you get a good view of the green lined tattoo as it moves around. Firm little titties and a hard washboard stomach, Mot has got a real dirty country bumpkin face. Great fucking legs and ass, nice wet vagina. High definition low class clean fuck with a dirty slapper. The stockings that she is wearing is worth more than I paid her. Check out them perfect brown nipples on video.
Story published 5-03-2015, 22:57, viewed 3117 times and 0 comments left.
AsianStreetMeat.com - Melba

Fuck a girl with the perfect figure. Better than your fat ugly wife. You can fuck Melba and not even tell your wife. Don't tell her that her sweet cunt that nestles between her slim legs don't even smell bad. A girl like Melba should be rich. Any guy would buy her a house and a new car, but she sells herself like a cheap whore for only two good reasons. Firstly, she likes it. And most importantly, she is a cheap whore. Why pay expensive sluts good money for fat thighs and a bad attitude, when you can have Melba turn up in skin tight leggings that shows off her perfect calves and ass. She will open her legs for peanut butter sandwich. She will suck your cock for a can of soda. And if you are kind enough to buy her an expensive meal, she will ask for a gold watch and tell you to fuck off. Only I bring you girls like this. High definition super slut slim hips and virulent vagina.
Story published 26-02-2015, 15:29, viewed 2366 times and 0 comments left.
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